Saturday, May 19, 2012

I love Saturday

I love today! Woke up with my hubby next to me which always makes the day good. Then we ate breakfast together and I took Jack for a long walk while he stayed home and read Facing Death in Cambodia. The author of that book, Peter Maguire actually mailed us a signed copy which is pretty badass.

Anyways, Jack and I walk this same road at least three times a week, and each time he remains blissfully unaware of the surrounding world because, well, he's a dog and is usually focused on trying to find a stick or sniff stuff. Well I thought it would be funny to show him a little mouse that was off in the distance (never thinking he would actually do what he did) to see what he would do. HE TOOK OFF, hauling ass after this little mouse, and then catches it in his mouth! The mouse wriggles free and Jack continues to harass it into a huge jungle of saw palmetto bushes. Pretty much the funniest thing I've ever seen him do and I was bummed that Patrick missed it because he always complains that Jack doesn't do "dog stuff." The mouse was unharmed!
Thursday 5/17/2012. The neighborhood turtle.

Yesterday was fun too. Patrick got home from work early after being busy with courses for the past two weeks. Then we did ear candles! Crazy right? Well neither of us had ever done it and thought it'd be fun. Overall I think it's a joke, or we both just have really clean ears because nothing came out. Exhibit A is below :)
Then we had awesome mesquite flank steak for dinner with sweet potato and  lemon-mint green beans. After that we saw the Avengers which was pretty good considering I'm not even into super hero crap.  

 That all leads up to what happened in the last hour, let's see. I made awesome flank steak quesadillas with roasted kale and chipotle-cumin sauce. Speaking of which, I can currently hear Patrick crunching on tortilla chips and dip while I sit here listening to Michael Buble.

Whole wheat tortillas, sauteed onion and green pepper, medium rare mesquite flank steak with home grown cilantro down there in the corner.
Stage uno
Tuesday night 5/15/2012 at volleyball. He's so gorgeous.

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