Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

I really hate hearing people say "Happy Memorial Day." What's happy about it? I mean, I guess there's one aspect that can be happy, having the serviceman/woman actually come home; but in all honesty what's happy about losing a serviceman/woman? Patrick and I cracked a cold one open today in memory of his fallen brothers from Pedro 66 and Extortion 17. The long weekend wasn't just a time to hit the beach or barbeque, it was also a time to remember those who have given all and their families.

Our whole weekend was lovely! Saturday was my last day of work and Sunday Patrick went spear fishing. He came home with a story about a chaotic encounter with TWO, count 'em TWO, bull sharks. Apparently they were fighting each other and all of the fish and sea animals were frantically scurrying the area trying to get away. That, makes me glad I decided not to go diving! We had fantastic Spadefishtacos and have Grouper and Amberjack in the fridge.

Today we took Jack on a bike/run and cooked garlic basil sirloin burgers. Tasty tasty!

These two are my pride and joy!

Howl at the Moon, comedy night. Not so funny!

Jerkin' a wee 75lbs. Had a bloody finger that wasn't so conducive for lifting. 

You wanted to see the finger? Why didn't you say so!

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