Monday, May 21, 2012

my house smells amazing!

Tonight I'm making boeuf bourguignon for one, accompanied by a glass of pinot noir. I walked outside to water my herbs and opened the door to the house and almost died when I smelled what was cooking. Mmmm! Still have an hour to let it simmer, can't wait. It looks like it's going to rain within the next hour or so. Love summer rain.

Yesterday was fantastic. Spent the majority of the day at Crab Island, not a cloud in the sky. There were hundreds of people there, tons of booze, great company, and the water was bluer than I have ever seen it! I went on my first stand-up-paddle board and I was surprisingly good. I guess surfing in Jacksonville all those years paid off. Even when I had had a few drinks in me, I could still balance exceptionally well. Pictures below! Overall my weekend was lovely and I'm excited for what's on the menu this week.

"It doesn't look any bigger than the Mauretania."

Just look at this water! We saw dolphins minutes after I took this.

Post margarita with a friend climbing on the back.

I love a good sunset.

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