Friday, June 01, 2012

Happy Hurricane Season!

June 1. Start of hurricane season in the Atlantic. I have always liked bad weather, everything except tornadoes. Thunderstorms are my favorite though, especially in Florida because the sky will be completely black on one side and completely sunny on the other and then all of the sudden it's like torrential downpour and 30 minutes later it's back to sunshine and birds again. 

Tonight I'm making potato-leek soup. I have never before dealt with leeks. They were sandy! They look like giant green onions and kind of smell like it too. I love potato soup and I love green onions so hopefully I'll love the soup. 

Tomorrow is Billy Bowlegs which neither of us have attended. The past two years Patrick was deployed and I was in Jacksonville. 

Last night on our walk.

Well! My soup was not very engaging. Patrick and I hated the consistency. It tasted like a hot smoothie. Pizza it is! 

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