Thursday, June 21, 2012

little bit of this, little bit of that

At the beach on Wednesday there were tons of dolphins. The rip currents were pretty intense, which makes sense since there's a tropical storm forming in the gulf, and the breeze was perfect. It's a pretty wild feeling that this is our last summer in Florida. It hit me this evening while Jack and I were about to get drenched in a downpour on our walk.  Between Australia and Florida I've had the ocean near me my entire life. Come to think of it, I can't remember a time where I spent more than two weeks away from the beach.  It'll be at least a three hour drive to the beaches, and from what I've heard, they aren't comparable to Florida in the least. At some point in the near future, I plan on making a "Leaving Florida bucket-list," replete with restaurants we need to try, dive spots we need to dive and whatever touristy activities that we haven't done since we've lived here. On another note, my day was relatively eventful, what with cooking and baking..Ordinarily I would just buy dog treats from the bakery downtown but I decided I wanted to make my own with everything that Jack likes. Carrots, apples and sweet potato. They took forever to make and the dough was sticky and frustrating, but Jack seems to love them so that's a good thing. I plan on mailing some to my mother-in-law for her dog because Jack sure as hell isn't going to eat 30 dog treats. Pictures of e'rythang below :)
Probably should have been focusing on driving, but this was too gorgeous.
Banana-nutmeg muffins, fave.
Dinner. Escarole soup. On a soup streak!
Yay, doggy treats!
This was sort of an accident, I like the stormy background, right before it started raining.
Tuesday night sunset at Juana's

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