Sunday, June 24, 2012

Purple Haze

Patrick and I had quite an eventful weekend! Friday night we went to our second favorite dive bar. Our first favorite dive bar 'Teeluck Lounge,' is near our old house and also within walking distance. The second favorite dive bar used to be named Mick's and from what I understand the bar was sold and went under new management, which I'm in favor of because they stopped smoking inside. I really hated our first favorite dive bar for that reason. Teeluck Lounge is owned by a bunch of 60-year-old Asian women who adore Patrick and me. They sit around chain smoking all day and every time we drank there they would cook us Filipino food and feed us drinks, it was always fun. So anyways, Mick's is now 'Sunny's HQ.' While we were there, Jerry Sandusky received a guilty verdict and the whole bar cheered and high-fived one another. I also became number one champion in the picture-difference-spotting game. Then we took shots. Almost immediately following that, Patrick ICED me for the first time ever so I took a knee like a champ and chugged a nasty Smirnoff Ice. The experience was documented!

Saturday morning is where our weekend became even more eventful. We found out a friend of ours is in jail for a pretty appalling offense. I spent all day Saturday in the emergency room with my friend for CT scans and x-rays. Luckily, she's fine and as of right now Patrick and I are hoping for the best for both of them, although it's fairly likely the dude will do some time behind bars.

Today we had an awesome pyramid leg workout. I threw in some upper back and arms just to add variety.  We had mesquite steak, asparagus and spaghetti squash for dinner and it was deliciousssss! It's been raining all day and it turns out the direction of the storm changed so instead of New Orleans getting most of it, little Debby will be on her way here! If there was ever a time I wanted my board, that time is now.  We actually just drove out to the beach in the middle of writing this to check the waves out. Double red flag with double overhead waves. DAMMIT! They were glassy as hell too. No surprise, it's still raining so we're going to pop open a couple brews and veg out for the rest of the night.

Our Summer Toad Hollow wine shipment comes tomorrow I am pretty pumped about that. Also tomorrow I have my last course to satisfy my license before I take boards, which I'm hoping to do before we head to Jacksonville next month. Got to skype with the in-laws today and that's always fun :) Can't wait until they visit us before we move!
This was not my proudest moment. Sick.
Just a little while ago.
Yay, tropical storm party engage!
This machine is a monster.

#muscles DB Renegade Row
My guys. Jack practicing his box jumps.

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