Tuesday, June 19, 2012

some like it hot

So I've been on a serious spicy kick lately where I want to add cayenne pepper and jalapenos to everything I can. I grow my own hot peppers and they're just starting to get full and colorful so I can start using them for my homemade salsa.  Last year I planted habanero, jalapeno and cayenne peppers. I accidentally planted the habanero peppers too close to the jalapenos which resulted in a cross-pollination, which in turn, produced wickedly hot ORANGE jalapenos. I make a pretty mean cumin-habanero sauce which I mailed to Patrick in bulk during his last deployment to cover up the monotony of the eggs for breakfast. I had fun making it and it added a little taste of home for him. Unfortunately, I didn't get to do what I actually wanted to do with the cayenne peppers that I grew, and that was roast them and make my own pepper. Blah, blah, blah....With all of that in mind, I decided to make another batch of cookies, this time, a basic chocolate on chocolate dough with a heaping teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a pinch of cinnamon.   The verdict - delicious of course! There is seriously nothing better than baking cookies and cooking dinner while listening to Frank Sinatra. Nothing. Except maybe with a glass of red wine.
For dinner I made a roasted cauliflower and aged white cheddar soup, it was kind of a mix between two recipes. This one and what I wanted to add to it. Naturally, I added cayenne pepper, about a cup of fat-free half-and-half and chopped up some center-cut bacon as a garnish. The grocery store was out of thyme so I had to settle for ground thyme. Sad. But the good news is, is that it was amazing! Tons of pictures. Tonight is volleyball, hopefully we can continue our winning streak.
Goat cheese & feta bruschetta appetizer.
Yes. Baked these for the guys.
Roasted cauliflower and aged white cheddar soup
These two.<3
Ohh just our neighborhood marsh.
One of the very few reasons that I don't like Florida.
Private beach? Doesn't get any better. This was taken yesterday.

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