Tuesday, June 12, 2012

there's a first for everything

Okay so today I did something that I'll never do again and I can say that with confidence. That was, trying a pork rind. Went to a local pub with a couple of girlfriends where a very nice, older and southern gentleman offered us pork rinds. "Y'all ladies from the south? Try one of these!" With reluctance I grabbed one and took the teeniest little bite and it pretty much dissolved in my mouth. AWFUL! Jim, the name of the gentleman, took the rest out right of my hand and continued to chomp away. Hmm, wonder what his arteries look like.

The other day was the anniversary Patrick and Matt's brothers who passed away in the Pedro 66 helicopter crash. There was a memorial/going away party on Friday night where the guys usually take a shot called a Rusty Nail. Apparently it's pretty gnarly.  In Memoriam.

Rusty Nail toast

Tasty beers! The back two are Sawgrass and the front is Summer Shandy

Took this for Patrick and I just liked it :)

Flower outside my house, too pretty not to photograph

My sweet sweet love will be home tomorrow. I am ecstatic! <3

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