Thursday, June 28, 2012


Happy Thursday! Okay. So why do people get angry and defensive about the truth?  How can one claim that they don't value the opinion of another, yet contradict themselves by becoming affronted and defensive at what someone has said? I think there are many reasons why people become this way.  The realization that the person who is pointing out the truth is correct? Insecurity? Embarrassment? A combination of all three? It takes a truly vengeful and insecure person to act so strongly upon words from the person that they "hardly value." Kind of relates to the saying, "you can dish it out but you can't take it!" I think one of my strong points is my ability to remain apathetic, even after someone has put the entirety of their effort into trying to damage me. Simply put, I just don't care! I live my life to the fullest everyday, I have an amazing family and incredibly supportive friends, I am educated and I am healthy. So why bother with anything else?

I think Sara B said it best.
"Stand in line wasting
All of your time just to hate me
Every dime gone to ways
You can find that might bait me
And drag me down, sight set proudly
Bring me to the ground see
You love to be somebody's enemy
Maybe nobody loved you when you were young"
:')  <3 

Time to run.

Going to miss this!
What tropical storm?   
Volleyballers, see you next Tuesday! 
See You Next Tuesday. SWEATY!

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