Monday, July 30, 2012

And the south gets dirtier...

 Today we went to the oldest city in the United States, otherwise known as St. Augustine. Patrick and I had our first date at the St. Augustine lighthouse and it was sweet to go back. Caitlin and I frequented St. Augustine as our favorite surf spot back in the day so I showed Patrick some of our old digs. It stormed all day so we didn't get to make it to the Alligator farm which is number seven on our to-do list. We did happen check out the San Sebastian Winery though, which I'm glad we did. Basically, Florida wine isn't too great. It's way too sweet and I felt like I needed a root canal as soon as I tried the dessert wines. I don't really care for sweeter wines to begin with so that was torture. I learned that Florida started their vineyards about half-a-century before California did, so HA, Florida is good for something. We bought a Blanc Du Bois which was the best-tasting wine they had.
After the winery, Patrick and I headed back to my old stomping grounds at Mellow. It was lovely to see some familiar faces and we had a great time watching the Olympics and catching up with our friends. My biffles returns tomorrow and I am so excited to see her! She graduates on Friday and I am such a proud best friend. I found a bunch of adorable pictures at my parents house which I'll be posting eventually. Goodness I hope my kids are half as cute as my brother and I were. <3

Florida wine & Summer-time! Takes one and two.
Children don't get much cuter than this.
San Sebastian winery

My sweet puppy who isn't allowed in the hot tub.

Mellow & San Sebastian
Ohh the hilariousness.

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