Monday, July 09, 2012

The bearer

Caitlin recently broke news to me that Toby accepted a position in Mississippi.  He'll be leaving in about two weeks. Right now, Caitlin is contemplating a move to be with him. I completely understand what she is going through because I had the same questions, hesitations and excitement when Patrick asked me to move in with him.  What about school? What about my job? What if it doesn't work?  Luckily, I transferred schools with complete ease and graduated, transferred jobs and got married to Patrick! Caitlin will be starting grad school in the fall and I cannot be more proud of her.  She's been looking at Mississippi University and I think it would be a fabulous idea if her and Toby decided to move in together.
On that same note, I've been throwing around the idea of taking the GRE or MCAT, because in all honesty, I'm not satisfied with just Bachelor's degree. Having an RN as a mother, an aeronautical engineer as a father, a Pararescue Jumper as a brother and a soon-to-be Physician's Assistant as a husband, has set me up to strive for bigger and better.  Within a month I will be board certified in three different areas, but that's still not enough for me.  I took all honors classes in high school, was president of the photography club, vice president of the Spanish Honor Society, a member of Spanish Club and Future Business Leaders of America, was a part time nanny, worked a full time job at a gym, took three college classes AND still had a social life.  Needless to say I was a pretty distinguished kid.  How in the hell did I manage my time?! I can barely hit the gym, beach, study and cook dinner in a day now.  Kidding of course.
Saturday I got a much appreciated mani/pedi. My poor foot and ankle have been swollen because I got bit by spider or some insect of the like, while helping an old lady who had fallen in the woods near my house. She told me she feeds the animals left over breads. She was foreign and I'm assuming she either worked at a bakery or is a baker. She was obviously very upset so it was nice to help.
Patrick and I checked out SCUBA gear this weekend and will be ordering our own BCs and regs this week and I am so very excited for that! It's much nicer, (I assume) to dive with your own gear instead of renting. Only couple weeks left until we go to Jacksonville! We've made a "Jacksonville To-Do List," which I'll be posting within the next couple days, among other things. I feel like I have quite a bit to write about so I'll have to break it into a couple separate posts. <3
Such a cute picture. Patrick took this one.
Tonight's dinner. Chicken Bearnaise with a pinot grigio. 
They're so sweet!
Patrick snapped this one while she was looking down at him.
Love to eat clean! Alaskan salmon and tarragon lentils.
I love my decanter!
Thursday's dinner, chicken curry, spinach saag and cardamom rice.

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