Monday, July 16, 2012


Listening to: Greg Maroney/Patrick whistling

I am housewife extraordinaire! For dinner I baked crab-stuffed salmon with a radish salad and a blend of wild rices - which were kind of ehh. I actually wrote the majority of this post earlier and forgot to publish it so I had to change some stuff up.  Patrick and I just got back from a long walk with bubba-Jack.  Recently we've been encouraging him to do some funny crap, literally, like pooping in bushes. The biggest inconvenience on our walks is when he stops to go in a spot no where near a trash can. One day he backed his big yellow booty up to a small bush and let it go. I was pumped! It was the greatest thing he had ever done. I feel odd writing about my dog's poop-status but he's been doing it so frequently lately that we now save money on poop-bags and hand sanitizer! Plus, it makes us laugh. After our walk, being such a manly-man, Patrick tackled a huge wasp nest that was stuck to the side of our house. A pretty funny endeavor, but alas, the nest is toast.
I accomplished something this weekend that I've been wanted to do for a couple weeks now.  The  squadron gym has a 330-pound tire that I had been dying to flip, I had been practicing on one that was slightly smaller and flipping it with no problem at all. I decided yesterday that I was flipping that damn thing! After the first couple tries (and three sets of bench later), I couldn't get it. I became rather frustrated and was ready to give up.  I think channeling the frustration into a strength exercise was beneficial because I then flipped it like it was nothing.  After the initial flip it was like cake to flip over and over again.  I'm probably the Hulk.
We had a fantastic weekend and we finally had the lazy-Sunday we've been wanting.
Saturday I discovered glass etching and now all of our Pyrex dishes say "Thomas," in lovely lettering.  I also etched our white wine glasses to say, "sip," "swirl," and "savor." So fun! Also Saturday night we took Jack to the beach and watched him chase and dig for fiddler crabs. He was filthy afterwards. The next couple of days should be eventful and I may even post two days in a row. We shall see.
I figured since I forgot to publish this that I'd add a couple more pictures and my tire video! 

HELL YES! I have been waiting so long to flip this badboy.
Hilarious watching him dig for crabs!
Found one! Isn't that yellow handsome?
Hermit crab! Took him forever to start crawling on me. This was tonight.
 Can you see bud digging in the background?
I'm in love with etching.
Grilling my first steak!
Voila! With thyme roasted accordion potatoes and my favorite veggie.

Fin <3


  1. Congrats on the tire flip!!! That's awesome!!!

    Since you're 'into' glass now, come out and help me figure out what in the hell to do with the massive amounts of sea glass I've collected! I'm thinking jewelry!!! Love you!

  2. Oooh you should mail a sister some! What about making stepping stones or something? Is there enough for that?


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