Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Official!

Officially a NASM Certified Personal Trainer! Passed the board exam on Wednesday.. This is an updated post.

Could barely contain my excitement long enough to take a picture!

 The exam was proctored at a random airport where you can learn how to fly little planes! That's going on my leaving Florida bucket list.  Learn how to fly a plane..... Maybe. I went into the exam pretty nervous and had the typical nervous dreams where I'm either late, naked or I fail. My lovah treated me to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant for dinner and we vegged on the couch the rest of the night. I was hoping to be at the beach the next few days, although it's not looking all too likely with these storms rolling in.  

Haha, so something that made Patrick and me chuckle Tuesday was seeing another fake profile - this time it was Instagram. When someone "follows" my friends and tries to make it look like they're someone I know, they should at least know which friends I lived in which countries with so at least it looks legit.  Not to mention, adding all of the pictures at once and having zero followers doesn't really add credibility to the profile, so I would suggest making it look realistic before trying to creep on me or my friends. Sheesh. 

On another note, thinking about the victims in the Colorado shooting. I spoke with Alina first thing this morning to make sure she was okay and it turns out she actually went to school with the suspect. Apparently he was a Ph.D candidate but was in the process of withdrawing. Such a tragedy. It's just a reminder of how short life is and how truly senseless and evil society can be. I can't imagine the terror that the victims went through. I hope the families of the victims get the answers they need and can find peace in this awful hardship.

Last night on our walk! Beautiful marsh.
Soaked. At our volleyball tournament in a storm Tuesday night.
Moi, Afghan all-star, Kelly and Dr. D is behind Ricky.
Yum! Chicken & pesto stacks with fresh mozzarella.
Do you like how stereotypical Florida this picture is? Palm trees and mini planes?


  1. Congrats Sister!!! We are so proud of you and never had any doubt that you would pass with flying colors! Love you and miss you both tons! Come out to Oki for a nice break!!! XOXOXO

  2. I wish this had a "like" button :) xoxo


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