Friday, July 06, 2012

Love a good storm, even if it's at 4AM

Well! Patrick and I have been awake since 4:00 due to the massive hail-producing thunderstorm that's rolling through! Fortunately he just fell back asleep so that leaves me wide awake and wanting to make use of time. Figured I'd post some pictures. Excuse any typos.

Milton, Florida.  Patrick and I spent the day in Milton on Monday and stopped by the farmer's market on the way home. It was lovely! We bought Hawaiian sweet potatoes, a yellow mango, a 25-pound watermelon and Cajun mix. The original plan with the 25-pound watermelon was to fill it with vodka, but we realized we'd need at least two handles of vodka to adequately soak the melon. So we went and bought a smaller one. At one point we had at least 35 pounds of watermelon. Also Monday, we saw the new Madea movie, had we been together, Caitlin and I would have gone to see it with each other. Naturally, however, since we're apart, Toby took Caitlin and Patrick took me. It was kind of like seeing it together!

Tuesday night of course was volleyball. We won two of our games and went into a third game rally. Wednesday was the fourth and we ate our vodka soaked watermelon at Patrick's band mate's house.  Once we got to the house it felt like Talladega Nights, kids everywhere!  The good news is, that it was a blast. Not to mention, the little girls adored me and played with my hair the entire time. The youngest boy had a red mow-hawk and thought it'd be a brilliant idea to pee on the side of the house. The same little girls that were playing with my hair wouldn't stop telling me how much they wished they were 21! Too funny.

Last night I baked poppy seed muffins with an orange butter glaze and you can trust that they were tasty. It looks like it's going to storm all day but since I'm up so early I'll probably make apple cinnamon waffles. Mmm. :)

I'm about to go INSANE with pictures. I wrote more than I thought I would.

Too bad this couldn't happen not at 4 in the morning.
Fourth of July on our dock.
Watching fireworks with my dudes.
Self explanatory.
Red, white and blue! Not bad for an Aussie, huh?
I'm thankful for pic-stitch, other wise there would be too many pictures.
The best afternoon southern martini!
Top is Linda's Chicken Tortilla Chili and bottom is plain ol' Minestrone. Made these the last couple days.
The watermelon literally made my legs lose circulation on the way home.


Thanks for lookin'!

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