Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's better than...

The little things? Not a lot, really.  Not having to carry a cell phone because everyone I love is around me, rolling over and listening to Patrick and Jack wheeze when I wake up, because it means that he's home safe and not deployed. WineTime with Caitlin, WineTime with Linda while Patrick and Steve play Gran-tourismo, skyping with my sweet nephews and letting them read books to me, knowing that tomorrow is Friday and that I loved immensely and very supported by many people.

I don't really remember the last time I was outside at seven in the morning before today.  I walked outside with Jack to take him potty instead of letting him go solo like I usually do. It was dead silent. No traffic to be heard; only crickets, the creek flowing and birdies. Yeah, not a lot better than the little things.

I love to have company. Which is why I'm super pumped that Andrew is visiting next month! He'll be flying out the day after we get back from Jacksonville and staying for a week. It's always nice when the in-laws visit us during the year to avoid the grueling holiday crowds that we usually endure on our way to California for Christmas. I think this Christmas will be the first we don't go to California.  I'm thinking a destination Christmas this year.  Maybe it's too early to be thinking about Christmas? Mehh, I can't really help it. July makes me think of Fall and Fall makes me think of the holidays. Needless to say, I AM EXCITED! I'm more excited however, to spend time with my dad. I'm bummed that my mom won't be accompanying his visit though, unfortunately she is bound to a specific contract in Germany, the good news is though, that she will be finished in August and then it's back to Florida for the both of them.

A year ago at 11.6% body fat while Patrick was deployed. Measured this morning and I am the same!
My biffles!
WineTime number two, cheers!
Our favorite thing to do!
Reminds me of one of the first pictures we took together. I'll have to find that one!
Such a lovely picture.
We had a bubble blowing competition. I think I won.


  1. I bet I would win a bubble blowing contest.

  2. I bet I would win a bubble blowing contest.

  3. I just saw now saw this haha. I had three pieces of gum in my mouth, hot.


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