Monday, August 27, 2012


The storm is starting to roll in and I finished up last minute preps today, like getting a mani-pedi and cooking meals.  I made an awesome pitcher of homemade sangria (recipe below), which I dubbed "Hurricane Sangria," mainly because it'll knock you out! In fact, I'm fairly certain the drinks in New Orleans "Hurricanes," are named that because they'll put you to sleep.
This evening, Patrick and I went crabbing so that we can fish tomorrow. We caught at least 50 Fiddler crabs and while walking back we saw a poor froggy with a calcified tongue.  As everyone knows, I absolutely hate frogs, largely due to living in Australia with Cane toads, which are extremely poisonous.  Anyways, this froggy was so emaciated because his tongue was stuck outside of his mouth, that he wasn't able to eat. Patrick suggested we "keep him and nurse him back to health." As sweet as that idea is, I wasn't in favor, so Patrick dropped him off near a pond where he would hopefully get eaten instead of dying a slow death.
On another topic, I am officially a board certified Corrective Exercise Specialist!
Anne E. Thomas, B.A., NASM CPT, CES (Doesn't that look nice?) Next up is Fitness Nutrition and Sports Performance Specialist. Then perhaps, when we move, I'll have my Master's narrowed down. Pressure is on to write before the power goes out! ;)
'Hurricane Sangria'
. 1 bottle Cupcake Red Velvet red wine
. 1.5 cups brandy
.4 naval oranges, juiced
. 3 lemons, juiced
.1 cup agave syrup
. 1.5 cups soda water

Hurricane Sangria
I love this man! He is so handsome.
Poor froggy & Fiddler crabs
These were a gift. Handmade Pararescue towels, how adorable!

This crab was not happy when I tried picking him up.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vortex & Tapas

As promised, the post from the other night is below. I feel like I need to write as much as I can before the storm knocks our power out in a few days, so I'll have to break it into a few posts. They're now predicting Isaac to make landfall as a category two hurricane. Landfall will be Wednesday, with outer bands hitting Tuesday. The winds are expected to pick up tomorrow and Monday.  I actually already have a few pictures that I need to add from this weekend, however, everything below is all from last weekend.

Yet another eventful weekend full of diving. The water at Vortex was absolutely freezing, and on Saturday there were no fish to be found! The good news is, Miranda and I didn't miss anything because we spent the day on the beach drinking bottomless mimosas until the guys picked us up on the boat. We did get to use our shiny new dive gear on Sunday, and I sure hit the jackpot of husband's for getting me all of this stuff.  He even surprised me with a new yellow Hawaiian sling spear, I am so excited!  Saturday night everyone who went diving gathered at a friend's house to regale each other with shark stories over tapas and the last few episodes of Shark Week. Needless to say, we all had at least two shark encounters.
Sunday night I made Patrick go through his closet as I went through mine so we could make a pile of stuff to donate. The night turned into a modeling session of his tiny speedos, dozens of my six-inch pumps, his suits from the pipeline and an entire crate full of my purses. It was absolutely hilarious and I reached the verdict - have too many shoes and purses!

This video was taken with the GoPro

The most delicious drink ever! A 190 Knockout Jester.
This would've been a million times better if he wasn't mid-bite!
Cute puppy and girly drinks.
Look at their faces! Such cavemen, eating their rack of lamb.
I don't always look like a ninja, but when I do, it's at Vortex.

Friday, August 24, 2012


I have a fabulous post that I finished last night, however, I'll post it in a bit because I'd like to write about this soon-to-be hurricane that's headed our way.  I'd also like to take a moment to remember my good friend Dane, who was killed during Hurricane Jeanne in September 2004.  I will never forget that moment. As I was sitting in the living room of my house, with my family and no power, I received a phone call around 8:00 in the evening from Diana. I answered the phone to Diana's tears, to which she immediately spoke "Dane died..." That was the first time I had experienced someone close to me passing away.  I later found out that Dane went outside briefly during the category three  storm while he was at his friend's house. A giant oak branch had split off and fallen on him, crushing him. Unfortunately, the immediate rescuers didn't understand the concept of crush injuries and Dane passed.
So, not only are we expecting a hurricane, my family in Japan are expecting a double hit from two major hurricanes within the next few days. Patrick and I literally have part of the Santa Rosa sound that backs up underneath our deck, so it's pretty likely that we're going to flood. This should be FUN! I'm spending the day prepping and stocking up, but I will likely add pictures later and also add the other post. <3

Saturday, August 18, 2012

This Is Fabulous!

21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Remoras and Spadefish and Triggerfish, Oh my!

Holy guacamole was Sunday fun! The gulf was absolutely perfect considering it stormed for the past week and a half. Usually the visibility is poor after a bad storm, but it wasn't too bad. The water was still and there were hundreds of fish and dolphins. Very few fisherman or other divers and zero sharks! Actually, I lied. There was one shark, but he was a cool-looking reef-like shark, not one of the Bulls that we usually see. Oh man, those guys are scary. I once made eye-contact with an eight-foot  Bull and bolted to the surface because I was so scared. They are the most aggressive and unpredictable shark.  I have plenty of shark stories, including when I attracted one while my ankle was bleeding in the water while surfing during Tropical Storm Fay. The waves were too good to stop surfing so I wrapped my ankle and actually bled through the wrap. I told myself I'd never take my chances again, and then went diving in the gulf during Bull shark mating season. When will I learn?!
              Moving on, we hooked Andrew up with a BC and regulator and he dove with us and even caught a fish! We were out there about three hours and then headed to Crab Island to booze and schmooze and afterwards, grilled up some dank fish tacos. After dinner we all went down to Harborwalk Village. The day couldn't have been any better. I'm certainly going to miss catching my own dinner when we move, but I'm looking forward to the new adventure with my incredible husband. It's one tough life I live out here on the gulf, what with SCUBA diving and boating every weekend! We also found some awesome shells, called Murex Ramosus, cleaned them with muriatic acid and removed all of the barnacles. I will never underestimate the power of the ocean, I am such a water baby but there are some scary creatures in there and I respect all of them! Once again, I'm going photo crazy, enjoy!

Fish for days!
Remora are junk fish and often try to attach to your fins.
Fresh Spadefish and the aftermath.
Amberjack! We were just slaying fish out there.
Andrew's first dive! My badass shell that I dipped and cleaned myself.

Dolphin & Crab Island
Can you believe someone thought these were real?!


The Last Little While

Our trip wound down quite nicely. The commencement ceremony was short and sweet and at the end of it I found 87 dollars. After, we went to Ted's (Caitlin's favorite restaurant) where a girl, probably in her early twenties, randomly fainted at the table directly behind me.  Her party was having trouble getting her to regain consciousness so naturally, being a paramedic, Patrick went over to see how he could help.  The girl eventually woke up and her family was so thankful and even said that it "was a miracle," that Patrick was there to help.  It was definitely pretty awesome of him!  The general manager thanked Patrick profusely and the girl's family bought us all seven of us dessert. She immediately left and I'm assuming, went to the hospital.
Our drive back was rainy but smooth and there's certainly no place like home! I have about a hundred things to do before Andrew gets here in a couple hours, but for right now it's coffee, writing and the Olympics! I still need to squeeze in a mani and pedi.  My tattoo is healing perfectly and so is Caitlin's. We're both very happy with them. Caitlin's graduation party on Saturday night was a complete blast. I hadn't seen some of her family in years and they all absolutely adored Patrick. We migrated to one of the bars in the local area where they allowed Jack in. Everyone treated his little behind like royalty and they even marked his paws with the underage symbols; too cute!
               It was a tear-jerker saying goodbye to my Dad yesterday morning, as it always is. I cannot wait until he and my Mom move back from Germany in a few months, hopefully they can make it before we move! But regardless of when, it'll be lovely to have both sides of the family equidistant apart. I'm so thankful to have the family I do and to have the in-laws I do. Steve and Linda are actually in the planning process of  a trip to Europe to tour with my parents and a trip to Florida for Thanksgiving. Steve recently told me that he believes I am a representation of what others want to be. Isn't that sweet? I value his opinion greatly and I am indeed a lucky, lucky girl!

  Time to do stuff! <3

ToTo & Patrick lookin' hard as nails. We look harder.
Yay! We both have degrees. Grad school, grad school!
Chugging vodka out of a pitcher. Gross.

Our cups said "the Graduate & the Bestie"
As you can imagine, they were both pretty toasty at this point.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Alligators Smell Bad & I Now Have A Tattoo

Well, we finally got to see the alligators. Patrick loved the park and it was nice to go since I haven't been in at least five years. We were able to feed the gators which was an awesome experience. They were hissing, growling and snapping at each other the entire time so that was pretty intense. Afterwards, we took a stroll down the prettiest street in St. Augustine and got some gelato. I also took him to one of the restaurants Caitlin and I used to go to every Wednesday after we would go surfing.

Yesterday we went over to Riverside with Caitlin and hit up the Casbah. We were there for four hours and managed to smoke two bowls and knock back a few Snakebites. After that, we did something we have been wanting to do for years! Literally, since 2007. We got tattoos! We judged the tattoo parlor based on the name: A Fu Kein Good Tattoo. Turns out, our artist worked with us at Mellow Mushroom on Southside. The dude (who looked kind of like Zach Galifianakis) told us
 that we both looked familiar and he questioned "Mellow Mushroom?" To which we replied "Ohhhh, that's where we know you from." We proceeded with the tattoos when a Sheriff's Deputy walked in stating that the bank next door had just been robbed.  I'm not going to lie, we're pretty hard.  My best friend is better than yours.

Wow I can't believe it's already August. Caitlin is graduating tomorrow and Andrew arrives on Monday.  I'm slightly worried that the tropical storm that just formed will turn into a hurricane and interfere with Andrew's visit, but the good news is, I make terrific food and can do so even without power.

Mammoth alligators.
Not only!
This picture pretty much speaks for itself.

Snakebites and shisha!
Before and after!
They had a leopard chair! Had to be a quality establishment.
All done. 

I actually came across this article this morning (8/3). It was very interesting and I'll bet that the (at least three) accounts that were created to maliciously harass me last year were among those found: 83 million Facebook accounts are fake.  Thankfully there is action being taken and that there are attorneys who specialize in this area.
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