Thursday, August 02, 2012

Alligators Smell Bad & I Now Have A Tattoo

Well, we finally got to see the alligators. Patrick loved the park and it was nice to go since I haven't been in at least five years. We were able to feed the gators which was an awesome experience. They were hissing, growling and snapping at each other the entire time so that was pretty intense. Afterwards, we took a stroll down the prettiest street in St. Augustine and got some gelato. I also took him to one of the restaurants Caitlin and I used to go to every Wednesday after we would go surfing.

Yesterday we went over to Riverside with Caitlin and hit up the Casbah. We were there for four hours and managed to smoke two bowls and knock back a few Snakebites. After that, we did something we have been wanting to do for years! Literally, since 2007. We got tattoos! We judged the tattoo parlor based on the name: A Fu Kein Good Tattoo. Turns out, our artist worked with us at Mellow Mushroom on Southside. The dude (who looked kind of like Zach Galifianakis) told us
 that we both looked familiar and he questioned "Mellow Mushroom?" To which we replied "Ohhhh, that's where we know you from." We proceeded with the tattoos when a Sheriff's Deputy walked in stating that the bank next door had just been robbed.  I'm not going to lie, we're pretty hard.  My best friend is better than yours.

Wow I can't believe it's already August. Caitlin is graduating tomorrow and Andrew arrives on Monday.  I'm slightly worried that the tropical storm that just formed will turn into a hurricane and interfere with Andrew's visit, but the good news is, I make terrific food and can do so even without power.

Mammoth alligators.
Not only!
This picture pretty much speaks for itself.

Snakebites and shisha!
Before and after!
They had a leopard chair! Had to be a quality establishment.
All done. 

I actually came across this article this morning (8/3). It was very interesting and I'll bet that the (at least three) accounts that were created to maliciously harass me last year were among those found: 83 million Facebook accounts are fake.  Thankfully there is action being taken and that there are attorneys who specialize in this area.

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