Monday, August 27, 2012


The storm is starting to roll in and I finished up last minute preps today, like getting a mani-pedi and cooking meals.  I made an awesome pitcher of homemade sangria (recipe below), which I dubbed "Hurricane Sangria," mainly because it'll knock you out! In fact, I'm fairly certain the drinks in New Orleans "Hurricanes," are named that because they'll put you to sleep.
This evening, Patrick and I went crabbing so that we can fish tomorrow. We caught at least 50 Fiddler crabs and while walking back we saw a poor froggy with a calcified tongue.  As everyone knows, I absolutely hate frogs, largely due to living in Australia with Cane toads, which are extremely poisonous.  Anyways, this froggy was so emaciated because his tongue was stuck outside of his mouth, that he wasn't able to eat. Patrick suggested we "keep him and nurse him back to health." As sweet as that idea is, I wasn't in favor, so Patrick dropped him off near a pond where he would hopefully get eaten instead of dying a slow death.
On another topic, I am officially a board certified Corrective Exercise Specialist!
Anne E. Thomas, B.A., NASM CPT, CES (Doesn't that look nice?) Next up is Fitness Nutrition and Sports Performance Specialist. Then perhaps, when we move, I'll have my Master's narrowed down. Pressure is on to write before the power goes out! ;)
'Hurricane Sangria'
. 1 bottle Cupcake Red Velvet red wine
. 1.5 cups brandy
.4 naval oranges, juiced
. 3 lemons, juiced
.1 cup agave syrup
. 1.5 cups soda water

Hurricane Sangria
I love this man! He is so handsome.
Poor froggy & Fiddler crabs
These were a gift. Handmade Pararescue towels, how adorable!

This crab was not happy when I tried picking him up.

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