Monday, August 06, 2012

Remoras and Spadefish and Triggerfish, Oh my!

Holy guacamole was Sunday fun! The gulf was absolutely perfect considering it stormed for the past week and a half. Usually the visibility is poor after a bad storm, but it wasn't too bad. The water was still and there were hundreds of fish and dolphins. Very few fisherman or other divers and zero sharks! Actually, I lied. There was one shark, but he was a cool-looking reef-like shark, not one of the Bulls that we usually see. Oh man, those guys are scary. I once made eye-contact with an eight-foot  Bull and bolted to the surface because I was so scared. They are the most aggressive and unpredictable shark.  I have plenty of shark stories, including when I attracted one while my ankle was bleeding in the water while surfing during Tropical Storm Fay. The waves were too good to stop surfing so I wrapped my ankle and actually bled through the wrap. I told myself I'd never take my chances again, and then went diving in the gulf during Bull shark mating season. When will I learn?!
              Moving on, we hooked Andrew up with a BC and regulator and he dove with us and even caught a fish! We were out there about three hours and then headed to Crab Island to booze and schmooze and afterwards, grilled up some dank fish tacos. After dinner we all went down to Harborwalk Village. The day couldn't have been any better. I'm certainly going to miss catching my own dinner when we move, but I'm looking forward to the new adventure with my incredible husband. It's one tough life I live out here on the gulf, what with SCUBA diving and boating every weekend! We also found some awesome shells, called Murex Ramosus, cleaned them with muriatic acid and removed all of the barnacles. I will never underestimate the power of the ocean, I am such a water baby but there are some scary creatures in there and I respect all of them! Once again, I'm going photo crazy, enjoy!

Fish for days!
Remora are junk fish and often try to attach to your fins.
Fresh Spadefish and the aftermath.
Amberjack! We were just slaying fish out there.
Andrew's first dive! My badass shell that I dipped and cleaned myself.

Dolphin & Crab Island
Can you believe someone thought these were real?!


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