Monday, August 06, 2012

The Last Little While

Our trip wound down quite nicely. The commencement ceremony was short and sweet and at the end of it I found 87 dollars. After, we went to Ted's (Caitlin's favorite restaurant) where a girl, probably in her early twenties, randomly fainted at the table directly behind me.  Her party was having trouble getting her to regain consciousness so naturally, being a paramedic, Patrick went over to see how he could help.  The girl eventually woke up and her family was so thankful and even said that it "was a miracle," that Patrick was there to help.  It was definitely pretty awesome of him!  The general manager thanked Patrick profusely and the girl's family bought us all seven of us dessert. She immediately left and I'm assuming, went to the hospital.
Our drive back was rainy but smooth and there's certainly no place like home! I have about a hundred things to do before Andrew gets here in a couple hours, but for right now it's coffee, writing and the Olympics! I still need to squeeze in a mani and pedi.  My tattoo is healing perfectly and so is Caitlin's. We're both very happy with them. Caitlin's graduation party on Saturday night was a complete blast. I hadn't seen some of her family in years and they all absolutely adored Patrick. We migrated to one of the bars in the local area where they allowed Jack in. Everyone treated his little behind like royalty and they even marked his paws with the underage symbols; too cute!
               It was a tear-jerker saying goodbye to my Dad yesterday morning, as it always is. I cannot wait until he and my Mom move back from Germany in a few months, hopefully they can make it before we move! But regardless of when, it'll be lovely to have both sides of the family equidistant apart. I'm so thankful to have the family I do and to have the in-laws I do. Steve and Linda are actually in the planning process of  a trip to Europe to tour with my parents and a trip to Florida for Thanksgiving. Steve recently told me that he believes I am a representation of what others want to be. Isn't that sweet? I value his opinion greatly and I am indeed a lucky, lucky girl!

  Time to do stuff! <3

ToTo & Patrick lookin' hard as nails. We look harder.
Yay! We both have degrees. Grad school, grad school!
Chugging vodka out of a pitcher. Gross.

Our cups said "the Graduate & the Bestie"
As you can imagine, they were both pretty toasty at this point.

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