Thursday, September 27, 2012

Out Here Tryin' to Function

So much for that photo challenge - I can't even update consistently, how did I think I would be able to do that?! I spent today doing program designs, tedious work I tell ya. I met a trainer on Friday night while enjoying my last night with my good friend Andrea. This trainer owns a facility in Fort Walton Beach and practically hired me on the spot - at the bar. His facility is all functional - which is awesome. I checked the place out this morning and I'll be glad to start moving my clients there.

Bought a couple awesome shirts the other day as a present to myself :).

Probably the greatest picture of any couple, ever.
My sweet boy had an injured foot - he's better now!
I am in love with this shirt.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

And I sound like Barry White

My body couldn't fight it any longer. I finally got sick. I am never sick. The past four or five times Patrick has been sick I've managed to avoid it because I have a kick-ass immune system.  I'm not really sure what the flu feels like, but if I had to guess I think this is it. Fatigue, sore throat, nausea, chills, body aches, congestion and a headache! The works. I went to bed last night with a ball of tissues, sweatpants tucked into socks and a long sleeve shirt. I attended the wedding with my pseudo-husband yesterday because Patrick took a private jet (yeah...I know) to New York for the week. It was a lovely beach wedding followed by a reception at a fine art gallery in 30A, which is where the Truman show was filmed.  I'm hoping with copious amounts of vitamin C, Zen tea, honey-pomegranate cough drops and a NyQuil cocktail that I'll be better in no time!And now, it is time for some of that said tea.

Just some of the ladies.
Pretty much an instant classic.
Jags need to stop sucking.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Most Treasured Item, Day 03

My most treasured item is my wedding ring, although slightly cliche, it truly is my most valuable item. So I guess I'll explain how he proposed with this beauty! It was in February and it was taco Tuesday.  I had class and was driving home when he called me and asked "can you please stop at the store and get margarita mix?" "Of course." I stopped at the store after class all day, and driving an hour. I get home, open the garage and to my surprise, I see Patrick running out of the house waving his arms. "Babe! I forgot to call you, we need one more thing, will you please pick up tequila?" "Seriously? You forgot to call me?" Reluctantly, I turned around and drove back to the store.

Fifteen minutes later, I open the garage, and see Patrick running out waving his arms again. I'm thinking to myself, "he better not have forgotten to call me again." He tells me he just wanted to help with my books and groceries. How sweet!

I open the door from the garage and see a path of red, pink and white rose petals outlined by votive candles. I was certain that we were just making up for Valentine's day since both of us were busy.  I think the rest is a little too racy to blog about. But he proposed and it was beautiful. The ceiling fan was littering rose petals over the entire room, a bucket of champagne was chilling on my bureau, there were chocolate covered strawberries and jazz playing in the background. For dinner he made me an amazing dish (that wasn't tacos), and we drank Limoncello.  He swooned me and still does to this day. I love that man.

A busy but fun weekend ahead. Congratulations Dave & Kelly!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Favorite Memory, Day 02

I would have to say my favorite memory is a tie between these three pictures. The first picture was the day after he got back from his first deployment. November 5th, 2009. We were out at dinner and it was unusually cold!  The second picture is the day he got back from his second deployment, July 4th, 2010, and the third picture is when he got back from his third deployment, November 4th, 2011. Each deployment was different, and each held its own challenges. The first deployment being the hardest and the one where you don't know what to expect, the second deployment was immediately after we got married so it was a huge adjustment, especially since I had moved from Jacksonville and didn't know many people. Lastly, the third deployment held months of harassment and malicious stalking by someone in a different state which lead me to be frightened for my own safety and the safety of my family.  I guess it's safe to say that each favorite memory is one where my love returns safe. <3


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cloudy Afternoon, Day 01

 We got to see the baby today! Couldn't decide who the little nugget looks like, because let's be real, too wittle! Things are about to get exciting around here though. Yesterday we got our "no-later-than date" and decided on a moving day.  I've been wanting to do one of those 30 day photo challenges but they just seem dragging, oh well, I'll try it anyways. I found a template but made some of my own, mainly because every question that started out with "Someone who....," had Caitlin, as the answer!

Day 01: A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.
1. I was named after my great maternal grandmother. Anna Elizabeta DiSalvo, who was later Anna Zane.
2. I am of Irish and Italian descent, but of Australian-American nationality. Sadly, the United States does not recognize dual citizenship with Australia.
3. I really love candles.
4. If I made up a porn-star name with my first pet and the street I lived on as a child, my name would be: Tinker Yarrawonga. Pretty legit.
5. I changed my major five times, in this order: education, communications, international relations with a middle eastern concentration, interdisciplinary studies, psychology.
6. I suffered a back injury at L5,S1 in 2010. I went through ETPS pain therapy, four months of physical therapy and wasn't allowed to workout AT ALL. It was one of the most debilitating times in my life.
7. My favorite thing is not having to carry a cellphone because everyone I love is around me. It usually only happens at weddings or funerals.
8. I lived in Bahrain for part of my life. We had an Indian housekeeper who, one day, made me a sandwich with shelled peanuts, and butter, when I asked if she could make me a peanut butter sandwich. 
9. One of my favorite BET comedians, and one of my favorite bodybuilders "follow" me, on two of my sites.
10. I love waking up early, it makes me feel like I can get more accomplished.
11. My name on my checks when I was a waitress was "shark bait," due to the fact that I used to surf a lot.
12. One time when I was little, I filled up a Nerds candy box with tiny rocks and gave it to my brother. That taught him never to steal my candy again.
13. If I could wear dresses everyday, I would.
14. The cardboard cutout idea of my husband in 2009 wasn't really my idea, the media really blew it out of proportion. It was my sister-in-law's idea.
15. Jason Mraz randomly asked me what my name was a few hours after his show in Jacksonville when Caitlin and I were walking to her car, and Grace Potter and I had a conversation about beer at Jackrabbits in 2009.

These two. <3

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Worst Dive Experience, EVER!

If there was ever a day that I wish I had stayed home, it was today. I had an entire other blog post written last night and I thought, "mehh, I'll just wait to post it tomorrow." I wasn't planning on going diving today until 6:30am when Patrick told me to pack my things and go. Reluctantly, I said "okay, I'll go, but I'm not diving." He agreed.  Miranda and I were certain (from the waves before the pass), that we would just tan and listen to music the entire time the guys were down. WRONG. We get out past the jetties and the chop starts up, at least three to four feet of bumpy, rocking waves. About 20 minutes later we're about six miles out and the guys gear up and get ready to go. I know how to drive the boat, so I was ready to circle around the buoy and wait for them to surface.  About three minutes after they descend, I needed to use the bathroom. No bathrooms for miles, I hop in the water and Miranda takes over... Here is how the next 50 or so minutes went.

Me: "Okay, where's the buoy."
Miranda: "Right there."
Me: "Right where?"
Miranda: "Right next to us!"
Me: Looking around, "I don't see it."
Miranda: "Oh no... It's under the propeller."
Me: "That's not good, Miranda!!!" At this point, I lean over the back of the boat and see the rope wrapping continuously around the propeller. To which I yell "cut it! cut it!" Meaning, turn the engine off.
Miranda: "Okay! Okay! Turn the key?"

She turns the key and the engine stops and we realize just how badly we're tangled. The rope was wrapped around the propeller about three times.  I told her I would get in the water and unravel it. I get in the water and see literally a forest of jellyfish, swallow water (the waves were only getting bigger) and eventually slip off of the boat and start drifting, fast.  Luckily, Miranda was on the edge of the boat and was able to grab my hand as I swam as hard as I could back to the boat. The first attempt was unsuccessful. At this point, the depth is about 100ft and the visibility is about 20ft, needless to say,  I don't know what's around me and I can't see the guys anywhere. Literally five seconds later, the guys surface, about half a mile away as we're drifting further by the second. They can't even see the speck of white that is our boat, and start frantically screaming, screaming at the tops of their lungs.

We call the Coast Guard because we can't deny anymore that we need help and we needed to get our divers out of the water.  Miranda is on the phone with the operator, "GET US FUCKING HELP A.S.A.P!" I'm trying to yell to the guys, they still can't hear us. Our radio isn't working, even though we were on the right channel.

Fortunately, the wind was carrying their voices to us, but unfortunately, our voices weren't reaching them. We knew they had bloody fish so naturally we were terrified of bull sharks circling them. About five minutes later they stopped screaming, all the while, Miranda (on the phone with the completely useless Coast Guard) and I in the water trying to untangle this rope.  The fact that they stopped screaming frightened us even more. I still wasn't able to untangle the rope, we pull out a dive knife and mangle the thick rope while holding onto the propellers. We cut ourselves free, only now, the boat won't start. 

They started yelling again, "HELP!" All three of their voices at the same time, over and over again. We still couldn't see them at all, not even their bright spears which they were holding out of the water. We were the only boat out there. I had no cell service and the woman on the other end of the phone was having trouble hearing our coordinates to send help.  We were doing everything we could to try to start the boat. Minutes are going by, drifting further.  The buildings on shore, originally big blogs  were now teeny tiny squares.  Miranda turns the keys (yes, plural) as hard as she can, while I jerk the throttle up and down and press the only button that I was told not to push. We hear the sound of the engine starting. We start screaming and I get on the wheel and push the throttles forward was hard as I can, flooring it towards where I think the guys were.  We see one, only one. It was Johnny, without his BC, tank or spear. The first thought that went through my mind (before I realized he was actively swimming) was "Oh my God, they left Johnny....He's dead!" Miranda thought the opposite, "Oh my God, only Johnny survived! He left the other two!" Johnny jumps on the boat and takes over, announcing that the three of them are fine, just completely exhausted from treading against the current. We see Matt and Patrick floating, holding onto the bloody fish. They get in the boat, exhausted, their fish still flopping all over! In retrospect, I shouldn't have gotten that pumpkin spice latte this morning. Only one photo today, and it's the aftermath. The grouper in this picture was still alive when I attempted to kiss him and he snapped at me. I fake kissed him.

Starting a 30 day photo challenge next post <3. If you read this whole novel, congratulations.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Almost Fall!

Isaac was fun, for us at least. It was really windy and we got some pretty good squalls during the whole thing. I'm glad it's back to pretty sunshine though!
Today is Crab Island and beach day. I'm happy it's finally starting to feel like fall, what with football and low-seventies at night. Yesterday we did home improvement and prepped the deck for bonfires and company and what not.  I switched out almost all of my summer scents to fall scents, hung my fall wreaths and swapped all of the summer candles for Macintosh, Harvest and Be Thankful! Good thing we recently donated a bunch of stuff, now that leaves room for fall apparel. Pretty soon I'll start making pumpkin everything, ohh how I love this time of year. It'll be nice to start taking Jack to Ranger Park again too, it's one of our favorite trails to go hiking and biking on.
Annnnd I guess it's already time to pack the beach bag!

It gets gusty here!
Sam, haha.
;) We're pretty much the best.
Matt & Mary. This was awesome!
Okaloosa pier before Issac made landfall.
Issac did make some gorgeous waves.
Wish so badly that I had my board here!

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