Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cloudy Afternoon, Day 01

 We got to see the baby today! Couldn't decide who the little nugget looks like, because let's be real, too wittle! Things are about to get exciting around here though. Yesterday we got our "no-later-than date" and decided on a moving day.  I've been wanting to do one of those 30 day photo challenges but they just seem dragging, oh well, I'll try it anyways. I found a template but made some of my own, mainly because every question that started out with "Someone who....," had Caitlin, as the answer!

Day 01: A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.
1. I was named after my great maternal grandmother. Anna Elizabeta DiSalvo, who was later Anna Zane.
2. I am of Irish and Italian descent, but of Australian-American nationality. Sadly, the United States does not recognize dual citizenship with Australia.
3. I really love candles.
4. If I made up a porn-star name with my first pet and the street I lived on as a child, my name would be: Tinker Yarrawonga. Pretty legit.
5. I changed my major five times, in this order: education, communications, international relations with a middle eastern concentration, interdisciplinary studies, psychology.
6. I suffered a back injury at L5,S1 in 2010. I went through ETPS pain therapy, four months of physical therapy and wasn't allowed to workout AT ALL. It was one of the most debilitating times in my life.
7. My favorite thing is not having to carry a cellphone because everyone I love is around me. It usually only happens at weddings or funerals.
8. I lived in Bahrain for part of my life. We had an Indian housekeeper who, one day, made me a sandwich with shelled peanuts, and butter, when I asked if she could make me a peanut butter sandwich. 
9. One of my favorite BET comedians, and one of my favorite bodybuilders "follow" me, on two of my sites.
10. I love waking up early, it makes me feel like I can get more accomplished.
11. My name on my checks when I was a waitress was "shark bait," due to the fact that I used to surf a lot.
12. One time when I was little, I filled up a Nerds candy box with tiny rocks and gave it to my brother. That taught him never to steal my candy again.
13. If I could wear dresses everyday, I would.
14. The cardboard cutout idea of my husband in 2009 wasn't really my idea, the media really blew it out of proportion. It was my sister-in-law's idea.
15. Jason Mraz randomly asked me what my name was a few hours after his show in Jacksonville when Caitlin and I were walking to her car, and Grace Potter and I had a conversation about beer at Jackrabbits in 2009.

These two. <3

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  1. Come and put your name on it, put ya name on it. We out here tryna function, function, function.


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