Friday, September 14, 2012

Most Treasured Item, Day 03

My most treasured item is my wedding ring, although slightly cliche, it truly is my most valuable item. So I guess I'll explain how he proposed with this beauty! It was in February and it was taco Tuesday.  I had class and was driving home when he called me and asked "can you please stop at the store and get margarita mix?" "Of course." I stopped at the store after class all day, and driving an hour. I get home, open the garage and to my surprise, I see Patrick running out of the house waving his arms. "Babe! I forgot to call you, we need one more thing, will you please pick up tequila?" "Seriously? You forgot to call me?" Reluctantly, I turned around and drove back to the store.

Fifteen minutes later, I open the garage, and see Patrick running out waving his arms again. I'm thinking to myself, "he better not have forgotten to call me again." He tells me he just wanted to help with my books and groceries. How sweet!

I open the door from the garage and see a path of red, pink and white rose petals outlined by votive candles. I was certain that we were just making up for Valentine's day since both of us were busy.  I think the rest is a little too racy to blog about. But he proposed and it was beautiful. The ceiling fan was littering rose petals over the entire room, a bucket of champagne was chilling on my bureau, there were chocolate covered strawberries and jazz playing in the background. For dinner he made me an amazing dish (that wasn't tacos), and we drank Limoncello.  He swooned me and still does to this day. I love that man.

A busy but fun weekend ahead. Congratulations Dave & Kelly!

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