Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweet Mosin

Patrick and I adopted a kitten last week. He is so very affectionate, gentle and unfortunately very sick. We named him Mosin, Moe for short, which was one of the only names we could agree on. We wanted to stick with the one-syllable thing since our other two animals are one-syllable names. He has an upper respiratory infection and his eyes are infected - the third lid has covered almost his entire right eye. I'm a little upset with the animal shelter we got him from because they gave him the wrong medication. I took Moe to the vet today for a general wellness check up when I learned that they were giving him something different than what he needed. I am actually a little frightened that his sickness could be life-threatening. The vet explained that he looks pretty bad but she has seen worse.  We've already fallen in love with him and if anything were to happen to him we'd be devastated. 

Moving on, I picked up another client, yay! And the ones I have now are very happy with their results so far.  It's such a rewarding feeling to know you're helping people look and feel great. I love personal training! <3

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