Sunday, October 07, 2012


I'm pretty sure I experienced the worst morning I've had in quite some time. It was a series of inconvenient events one right after the other. I woke up already wanting to go back to sleep. I began my morning routine of making coffee, prepping my breakfast only to realize that the microwave stopped working. I shook it off. I found a Tupperware full of slightly old pinto beans that I decided to put down the garbage disposal. Nobody ever told me that beans couldn't go in the garbage disposal. What happens you ask? Both sides of the sink clog shooting up chunks of smelly pinto beans. Bean water is everywhere, including on me. I grab the plunger and plunge both sides which gives me no avail, only now I'm covered in plunger-bean-poop water. I eventually decide to grab a bucket and drain the sink, after resetting the garbage disposal. I fill the bucket and make my way outside. What happens next? For some stupid reason, there was a FROG underneath the door handle. I accidentally grabbed him and we startled each other.  He proceeds to hop his happy way into my house. I am terrified of frogs. Not only is Patrick TDY, but I lose eyesight of the little fellow. I look absolutely ridiculous wearing blue polka-dotted pajama boxers, an oversized t-shirt and boots, standing there in a trance of terror. I attempt to get a container to cover him in hopes that at some point in the day, my neighbor will come save both of us. He hops away, out of my sight again. I literally start sobbing like a five-year-old while standing on top of the couch, empty tupperware in hand. 

I have an epiphany and decide to vacuum him up and release him back into the woods. I was successful. I feel kind of bad because he's probably traumatized being sucked up into a vacuum, but he had no idea that he traumatized me, if not more.

Enough about this morning, I want to forget it! Yesterday was perfect. A girlfriend and I checked out the farmer's market in Watercolor by 30A. It was okay. The best part about the whole thing was the wine and cheese bar directly next door. Next weekend is New Orleans and I can't even contain my excitement. Guess I'm going to have to!

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  1. Aww, poor Anne! <3

    I'm going to New Orleans this coming weekend for the Navy Ball! Maybe we'll cross paths!

    - Asia


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