Sunday, November 11, 2012


Caitlin asked me to be her maid of honor this weekend and naturally I jumped with acceptance. She decided to have a few other bridesmaids, Amanda, a longtime classmate, and Megan, also a classmate. I'm headed to Jacksonville this weekend and Saturday marks the beginning of wedding festivities, including wedding dress and bridesmaid's dress shopping. For some reason, I can't get the images from the movie Bridesmaids out of my head and for another reason I see me being something like the main character in Bridesmaids.... What was her name? Wasn't it Annie?

Caitlin and I have been longtime fans of Vietnamese food, at a particularly seedy restaurant that probably doesn't pass health code inspections. In Bridemaids, Annie takes the girls to her favorite restaurant which so happens to be some hole-in-the-wall place. I can see it now, I suggest Vietnamese cuisine and everyone but the girl who doesn't like Vietnamese food gets sick. 

Caitlin told us that she's thinking earthy tones since her wedding will be outside on the water, in the beginning of summer - how perfect. Much like the movie, I see us going to David's Bridal, or any store of the like to pick out pretty light green, baby lavender or any other earth-toned colored dresses. Only I will pick the dresses that nobody likes! Maybe this is just the wedding stress that comes with any and every wedding, but regardless of anything, Caitlin is my best friend and shit is about to get really real. 

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