Sunday, November 04, 2012

My Bestie is Getting Married!

My very first job was working at the YMCA with Toby and his best friend Rusty. Toby moved out of working in the "teen room," to working at the front desk, which left Rusty and I working with the smaller children, although the good thing was that we could still see Toby through the window. Toby graduated high school two years before us and I'm not entirely sure where he went after that, but Caitlin and I went to UNF and lived together. Rusty and I ended up working together once more at Mellow Mushroom where we became decent friends. He invited me to his going away party for the Navy which was toga themed, naturally, I brought Caitlin. It was in October 2008 and I remember that Caitlin and I had pretty legit togas. We arrived at his party and pretty much just stuck to the bar. The next thing I remember is that I couldn't find Caitlin.. I took my time walking around the entirety of the club house that the party was held in when I saw her sitting on someone's lap. I hadn't seen Toby in a few years so I didn't even recognize that he was there. His hair was long and shaggy! Not what I had expected. She was sitting on his lap and they were singing Across the Universe.  Random, but this was a big deal for a few reasons....
1. Caitlin loves the Beatles.
2. Not many guys Caitlin ever met liked the Beatles.
3. Toby was a musician.
4. I knew Toby and thought he was already cool so I approved.

They hung out for the rest of the party and on the way home I vaguely remember hearing Caitlin talk about how she thought Toby was hot and was already pretty attracted to him. In fact, I do believe they exchanged numbers and he texted her the next morning and planned a date. There are a few details I'm leaving out but that's probably a good thing.

Some time went by and they decided to end things. Needless to say, I was pretty upset for them but it seemed like they were both handling it well. Some more time went by when Caitlin opened up to me to tell me that she missed Toby and thought she might want to give it another shot. She called Toby and invited him out to dinner... I think they were in St. Augustine. Toby was pumped and they were together again!

Toby called me two nights ago to tell me that he wanted to marry my best friend. I woke Patrick up crying and jumping up and down. I'm pretty sure keeping that a secret was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I cried (good tears), every time I thought about it.  He got on one knee and she said yes!  I honestly cannot think of a better match for either of them. Congrats you guys, Patrick and I love you both forever!


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