Sunday, November 18, 2012

I think it's time to announce....

Blogging is something I really enjoy and have been doing since May of this year. I noticed when I started that Blogspot has a pretty cool section where you can view your audience. I'd generally glance at it every now and then out of curiosity and in one month after I started, my page views suddenly spiked like crazy and were doing so everyday. I decided to install a tracker that shows IP addresses and locations, in addition to the type of device they are viewing your page from and how exactly they found your page. Some visitors were from Pinterest, some from Facebook, from Google, from Instagram, etc.  There was a particular IP address that was checking my page multiple times a day, in fact, at most, this particular IP address checked 33 times in one day. The average from this address was 10... I mean, it makes sense because I update my blog 10 times a day, you know? Not. In addition to this, they were reading each and every comment that friends were writing on my posts.  From June to September, this same IP address looked at my blog 581 times. No joke. There certainly aren't 581 days between June and September, slightly sickening, right?  The shocker? This is the SAME IP address that was accessing my email accounts March through July of 2011. You guys remember that Stalking post I wrote a littler over a month ago? Yeah. 

So, cat's out of the bag. What's the announcement? You can be tracked. 

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