Thursday, January 31, 2013

Death by Pizza

Did you know that willpower is best strengthened when practiced?

Think about it this way, how many times do you have to be exposed to junky food before you simply realize that it's not worth the stomach aches or the carb hangover? It was once for me! I give myself a cheat meal about once a week, maybe once every two weeks if I really have a good thing going. Patrick took me to my favorite pizza restaurant. I hadn't had a single bite of crap food in over two weeks.

Our pizza comes and I go crazy! Pizza is my weakness. I down two slices and feeling like a champ, eat the third.  "I'll just eat the last one so we don't have to bring home leftovers." Seriously?! Is that how a personal trainer and nutritionist should justify something?! No way. I was pizza wasted. What I neglected to tell you was that I also ordered a side of beer cheese dip to dip my already buttered and seasoned crust into. What was I thinking?!

By the time we got into the car I seriously felt like I needed a stomach transplant. The throbbing pain of being too full was unbearable. I unbuttoned my pants and reclined my seat and asked Patrick to drive as smoothly as possible for fear of throwing up all over the leather seats!  I felt like a child who had just been caught smoking and was told to smoke the entire pack! 3 A.M. rolled around and I still felt awful, I will never go from eating 100% clean to eating 100% crappy, again! That being said, next cheat meal I will not eat my way home from my Mama's house.
This is totally me

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