Friday, January 25, 2013

The Importance of Diet

 The truth is, so many people don't understand the importance of diet, not A diet, the word, diet. You can exercise yourself healthy, but you cannot exercise yourself thin. Exercise is excellent to an extent, but too much can release free radials, cause adrenal fatigue and just plain burn you out. I once heard someone tell their friend "you can eat whatever you want, you just need to workout." Oh? And where did your background in fitness come from? So that means I can hop on the hamster wheel for 45 minutes and go eat a Big Mac, fries and a coke afterwards? I don't think so, buddy. The fact of the matter is, that you would have to workout 2-3x harder after consuming that Big Mac than you would had you just eaten green beans, half a chicken breast and a quarter cup of quinoa. 

People that suddenly create these unrealistic training plans for themselves are the ones who experience over training the fastest. "I'm going to wake up everyday at 4AM and run five miles," "I'm only eating 500 calories today." Oh okay, so when you're passing out from lack of nutrients on your run, maybe then you'll understand that you cannot lose fat OR maintain weight loss without adequate nutrition.  You NEED to eat ladies and gentleman, you CANNOT starve yourself.

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