Sunday, January 27, 2013

True or False

Lifting weights makes females bulky..... FALSE, this couldn't be anymore false. Who even started that rumor anyways? The truth is, a large majority of women actually believe that lifting will make them turn into the Hulk and cause them to gain all sorts of weight. STOP THAT THOUGHT, ladies. In my experience, I am the only chick in the weight room 99% of the time. The other women in the gym will do a warm up on their mat and then casually make their way over to the hamster wheel for 20-40 minutes and then complete their workout with abs... All the while, I'm still knocking out reps on the squat rack burning all sorts of calories. 

The REASON women don't get bulky is because of our testosterone levels, we have a significantly less level of it and simply put, cannot build muscle the same way, or as easy as men. Women have to work TWICE as hard to get HALF the gains as men. Another reason women don't get bulky is because of our diet, we don't have the same caloric intake as men, again, making it harder to gain muscle. 

Okay, feel better? Go squat.

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