Thursday, February 28, 2013


 Health is a relationship between you and your body, in fact, it's probably the most important relationship in your life. Seriously, think about that. I love being healthy, and I am so incredibly thankful that I am so in love with health and fitness. To me, there's no better hobby than improving my physique and strength. This past weekend, I upped my max squat to 170. Below is 165, which I got up twice, only the gym didn't have 2 1/2 weights so I averaged my max to be 170. There's nothing like the feeling of knowing you're doing something you couldn't do a couple of weeks ago. I remember struggling with 135, and then 145... Anyways, this is a relatively short post, but I wanted to brag just a little bit!

Monday, February 25, 2013


I'm going to be real for a minute, I freaking LOVE food. That being said, I don't like giving up things that I love, but does anyone? In the past few days I've received a few emails from ladies asking me to try their recipes and to tweak their current ones for "clean" ones. I am absolutely delighted at this! If anyone has any recipes they need help "cleaning," up, contact me, I would love to help!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Y'all Gone Make Me Lose My Mind!

Seriously we all have those days where we feel like we're not in control of our own will power! Today is one of those days for me, and I wanted to share with you what I do to help me get through a moment where I feel like I could eat four large pizzas, a bucket of fried chicken, a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a zebra.
My brother recently mailed me a ginormous bag of macadamia kisses from Hawaii, as if that wasn't my favorite  nut to begin with, you have to throw chocolate on top of it?! Goodness gracious. I kept the bag closed and hidden for a good 24 hours, determined to not break into it! THEN, I see my hunk of a husband (who stays ripped year-round) chowing down on them... Blue foil wrappers everywhere. I felt like I wanted to cry! I couldn't remember the last time I had candy.. So I grabbed a kiss and ate it. Then I grabbed four more.. Then two more after that. Then suddenly the realization sets in, and I remember my goal, and that eating junk isn't the way to get there. So here I am... Distracting myself. Distraction is KEY in will power, and will power only gets stronger the more it's practiced. 
When I feel antsy and want to go do a drive by at McDonald's I distract. I write, I take my yellow boy for a walk, I chop vegetables, I clean. I do anything to take my mind off whatever it is I want.  Today I whipped up a chocolate raspberry chia ice cream, and it seriously hit the sweet tooth spot, and the best part about it? Zero guilt associated! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Bod Pod

Greetings Earthling! This funny-looking spaceship machine is called a Bod Pod. It's one of the most accurate forms of weighing and body fat assessments. I did my assessment this morning and wanted to share my experience and results!

The whole procedure takes about five minutes. You're supposed to fast two hours before, however, the longer the fast, the more accurate the results. My appointment was scheduled for 9:00AM so I just fasted for a good 12 hours from the night before.

You're supposed to wear tight fitted clothing, like a one-piece bathing suit, or spandex shorts and a sports bra. They give you a shower cap, and then a swim cap to put on top of the shower cap to prevent air pockets. You get in the spaceship and sit there for about a minute. They open the door briefly and then close it again and repeat the procedure two more times.

"All done!" She said. Patrick and I made a bet last night on my body fat, and I estimated much higher than I actually am. "Excellent body composition!" I was told as the results were printing. My scale at home is terrible at predicting body fat, it accuses Patrick of being morbidly obese, but it's actually pretty accurate when measuring weight. Overall, it says I'm a pound more than what I actually am. 

If you're interested in doing this assessment, I recommend it and I've heard they're fairly inexpensive (if you're military your base may have it for free, check!). 

Saturday, February 02, 2013

She's Doin' Work

Let's take a minute to talk about how lack of consistency will get you no where fast, and how consistency and clean eating will get you the progress you want to see. I have an amazing client in part of my online training. She contacted me about three months ago asking for assistance because she was unsure of where to start. She knew the basics, that she needed to workout and eat better.. But truth be told, the majority of the population has absolutely no idea what they need to be eating to see results.

People think if it says "low-fat, fat free," that it's good. Not true. Often times, those are loaded with chemicals and sugars that just wreak havoc on your insides. The majority of grocery shopping should be done in the perimeters of the store. Fresh vegetables, fruit, lean meats, yogurts, nuts, etc.

Anyways, back to my client. She began hitting the gym, bringing her lunch, prepping all of her meals for the week and is doing straight fabulous. She's a very busy girl, a student, a girlfriend, works a full time job and is in the process of moving. She doesn't have the time to workout, she MAKES the time because she knows what she wants.

We do check ins every two weeks, we talk almost everyday and she's learned so much about working out and proper nutrition. Best of all, she's lost an extraordinary amount of weight and inches from all over her body! She knows this isn't a "diet," but that it's a LIFESTYLE. It makes me one proud trainer!

For those of you who think online training isn't plausible for you, think again!

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