Saturday, February 02, 2013

She's Doin' Work

Let's take a minute to talk about how lack of consistency will get you no where fast, and how consistency and clean eating will get you the progress you want to see. I have an amazing client in part of my online training. She contacted me about three months ago asking for assistance because she was unsure of where to start. She knew the basics, that she needed to workout and eat better.. But truth be told, the majority of the population has absolutely no idea what they need to be eating to see results.

People think if it says "low-fat, fat free," that it's good. Not true. Often times, those are loaded with chemicals and sugars that just wreak havoc on your insides. The majority of grocery shopping should be done in the perimeters of the store. Fresh vegetables, fruit, lean meats, yogurts, nuts, etc.

Anyways, back to my client. She began hitting the gym, bringing her lunch, prepping all of her meals for the week and is doing straight fabulous. She's a very busy girl, a student, a girlfriend, works a full time job and is in the process of moving. She doesn't have the time to workout, she MAKES the time because she knows what she wants.

We do check ins every two weeks, we talk almost everyday and she's learned so much about working out and proper nutrition. Best of all, she's lost an extraordinary amount of weight and inches from all over her body! She knows this isn't a "diet," but that it's a LIFESTYLE. It makes me one proud trainer!

For those of you who think online training isn't plausible for you, think again!

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