Friday, March 08, 2013

All in moderation....

Who is this "moderation," everyone keeps talking about? After my 30 day no-cheat challenge I lost a bit of inhibition. I ordered pizza (twice), I ate ice cream and raspberry cake (albeit, it was my husband's birthday, my birthday is on the 22nd and our anniversary is coming up), I ate chicken wings with ranch and drank alcohol, but I'm telling you, I didn't gain a single pound or gain an inch. I was surprised when three days of cheating led me back to a six pack and a squat of almost 200lbs.. I eat carbs, I eat sweets, I drink alcohol, I have crappy days, I am human; but that doesn't mean that I don't get right back on the horse when I choose to get off of it. I make the time to workout, I make the time to prep my meals, I make the time to plan my workouts, I make the time to be a personal trainer. If you do not make the time to do any of these things, you don't want it bad enough, plain and simple. You need to identify your roadblocks and squash them, or you will not succeed. So what's stopping you? ;)

Celery makes chicken wings healthy, right?
Not so Chunky Monkey casein & toppings. On my recipes page.

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  1. This is AWESOME. Many people don't show this side of the spectrum and in turn receive the vibes that you have to have a perfect diet in order to be successful with weight-loss. That perfect image is usually intimidating to some. Good read...


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