Wednesday, March 06, 2013


One thing that I get onto my clients about more than anything is their water consumption. This is CRUCIAL! Water is the basis of all THINGS! It's what we are MADE OF, and if you're not drinking enough of it, you're not functioning at your best. According to NASM, a sedentary male should have three liters of water a day, this means for active people, the amount is much, much more. I drink a gallon a day. I carry a jug with me and I guzzle. I don't mind the taste of water, but some do....Add some mio or other water enhancer, it'll do you good.

Body builders and those that are trying to gain lean muscle have a higher protein in take. If they're not consuming enough water (or fibrous veggies), it'll stop them up and make them feel groggy and gross. Water keeps everything moving and helps you feel awake, so glug, glug, glug. 

Can't believe I just dedicated a whole post about water. DRINK UP. 

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