Thursday, April 18, 2013


In less than a week I'll be on my way to California to go to trial. I am beyond excited that this part of my life will finally be over! I finally get to tell the judge my story and let him decide who was the victim in this case.  For those who aren't aware, almost two years ago I found out that someone had stalking me from the opposite side of the country. They were accessing my accounts, including facebook, all of my g-mail accounts, one of which I hadn't even used in years, my husband's accounts and my friend's facebook accounts. They would call me in the middle of the night from a blocked number, ask for Patrick and then hang up.. They created a pinterest page dedicated to me, equipped with everything that defined me as a person. My irrational fear of frogs, my favorite musicians, my love for anything peacock patterned, my fashion, celebrities that I look like, boudoir photos, e-cards and posters -- and that is the short version. What's ironic is, in order for them to know everything that they had posted about - they had to stalk to me.

In addition to the pinterest page, three fake facebook pages were created, one of which harassed Patrick and I, the other harassed a friend from high school. Oh, and a fake instagram page.

It's beyond me what would drive a person to become so utterly obsessed, that even after they were caught, they didn't stop. This event helped me learn so much. I learned that my family won't hesitate to drop anyone who deliberately causes harm to Patrick or me. I learned that some who I thought were my friends definitely were not, and I definitely got a crash course in law school! 

 My attorney handled everything and made me feel like there was nothing to worry about, which really, there wasn't... Because I am not the one whose life is on trial. Patrick and I are starting a new chapter of our life and will feel completely liberated when this is over. Eight days until trial and it cannot come fast enough!


  1. Go get em' girl! So happy you're one step closer to some closure...

  2. I am so glad you guys get to put this behind you. I can't wait to hear how it all ends.

  3. My goodness! so much for a person to deal with! My God bless you and Patrick through the whole thing. Glad it will be over with for you. -kim_bee_lee


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