Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Couples That Workout Together, Stay Together

Real talk right here. Lifting heavy ass weight or racing on a tartan track creates a huge rush of endorphins that are almost opiate-like. Not that I've ever had an opiate high, but who better to share that "high" with than the person you are physically, mentally and emotionally attracted to?

An observation that I've made in several co-workers or friends relationships, is that one person in that relationship is dedicated to fitness... Usually the guy, and often times, the girl takes offense to the guy "choosing gym time over quality time with her," at home, plopped on the couch. This is where choosing to hit the gym with your spouse can be beneficial in all aspects. Not only are you knocking out some cals, building some muscle, letting out any frustration and helping to boost your metabolism, but you're also showing your partner that you care enough to enjoy his (or her) hobby with them so they don't feel like they have to choose.

My professional advice? Workout together and make a routine of it. Working out with your partner can greatly improve your sex life, and not only are you BOTH looking hot as hell, you're feeling hot as hell too! So there. 

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  1. *applause* well said! if I can get my husband to go at 7am unstead of 5:30 am...hmmmm at least we're both workingout! -kim_bee_lee


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