Monday, June 17, 2013

I Still Write....I Promise!

Well hello there gorgeous! I hope that wherever you're reading this from it's a beautiful day. I haven't been all that consistent with updating but here's what's happening in my life (and a fun surprise for later).

Patrick and I are relatively settled in here, despite the few boxes that we refuse to unpack... Those are stacked and shut in a spare bedroom until we move again.  Next year we're hoping for California or back to Florida. Our goal while living here, though,  is to try a different restaurant every Friday night for date night. Because he's pretty busy with school, it's important to us to designate a night specifically for each other. This past weekend was Max's Wine & Dive. An adorable little wine bar in San Antonio that allows dogs. Totally reminds me of Wine World in Destin so I'm pretty sure it's my and Jack's new dig... pun intended.

Gold's is going great. Orientations everyday and I'm finally getting my business built! So excited for this. Since cooking, baking and fitness are ALL huge passions in my life, I've decided to create an E-Book of my fit recipes! The dish below will be one of my savory sections. I plan to do a sweet and savory section, boy do I love food; and I don't think that you should have to cut out what you love to be healthy. No further recipes will be provided via Instagram or my blog, but this will be available for purchase for super cheapo sometime this year! 

Also, below are a couple photos from my fitness shoot with Katrina Thomas Photography, she's amazing and makes me look pretty when I'm sweaty from running around trying to get a good shot.

Max's Wine & Dive

Hydrate & Press On

E-Book material right there!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Gold's Gym

This gal, landed her first position as a personal trainer at a REAL LIVE gym! HA! I've loved doing the online thing for the past year, but I have always wanted to be with a client when they reach their goal. There's something about watching someone celebrate their success and knowing you're a part of that success that makes your job SO rewarding. Not to mention the pay isn't too bad either ;) ! Anyone in the San Antonio/Converse area feel free to come on over to Gold's.

That's all for now <3
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