Sunday, September 15, 2013

20 Facts About Me

Nothing really new happening in life lately, we officially have less than a year left in Texas and hopefully it'll all be a very hot memory and we'll never have to come back. Time for some fun..

20 Facts About Anne

1. I love everything about the ocean. Seriously.
2. My first job was at the YMCA, I always thought I'd end up back working in a gym.
3. I had a really thick Australian accent up until 5th grade.
4. I love taking pictures.
5. I really love to people watch. Airports might be my favorite. You can spot someone experiencing virtually every emotion. Happy, sad, scared, nervous, etc.,
6. I love animals more than most people.
7. I like to swear
8. The job that I enjoyed most before becoming a personal trainer was working as a waitress as Mellow Mushroom.
9. At the age of 16 I was able to speak broken Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean. I've since forgotten it all.
10. I played violin for about 5 years in Australia, I was actually really good. 
11. I can sing.
12. I think I'm pretty good at offering advice, but I'm terrible at taking my own.
13. I changed my major five times. Photography, education, international relations, communications and finally Psychology.
14. In college, I would make up fake names and professions when guys introduced themselves to me. One one occasion I was a news anchor and my name was Sarah.
15. I don't believe in god, heaven, hell, or the devil.
16. I've been into sports and athletics my entire life, starting with swimming then onto shot put, long jump, cross country, volleyball and weight lifting.
17.  Crisp, cool weather makes me happiest.
18. My family is all spread out over the world and it's the only thing I can thing of that really tears me apart.
19. I am so nervous to become a mom, not about raising the child itself, but becoming pregnant and watching my body change. 
20. This is long.
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