Sunday, August 09, 2015


Hello my beautiful FIT FAMILY!

I haven't updated this thing in like two years. So much has been going on - let me fill you in on what's happened the last couple years and tell you what my short term goals are.


1. I live in California now. I think the last time I updated was when I was living in San Antonio.
2. I'm still a personal trainer. When we moved here I started an AWESOME gig for corporate Chevron as their personal trainer. Amazing people, amazing job, but I left recently as we've received orders to a different part of the west coast ;).
3. Still teaching cycle, however, I've added on a different group exercise aspect - BODYPUMP through Les Mills. Challenging stuff; if you haven't tried this yet, you need to. Your world will be rocked.
4. MASTER'S PROGRAM! University of West Florida's Education program with a route in Special Education. (Dang, can y'all tell I've been busy?)

I now consider myself a Californian, I am spoiled by the weather, the food and the WINE. I live for the fresh seafood and the 60 degree evenings, even in the summer.

I post regularly on Instagram and try to inspire women (and men) everyday to be the best versions of themselves. I'm working on becoming the best version of myself - I've recently taken a more Pescatarian route, as eating animals was messing with me morally and ethically. If we can survive, and even thrive without animals then WHY do we need to eat them? We don't. There are obvious health benefits to a diet with less saturated fat, and I for one am totally reaping the benefits of that. More energy, more greens, leaning up, etc.

SO - as quickly as I started this, I'm trying to end it. My goal is to post my weekly, with recipes, workouts and photos. Basically to get back to where I was years ago. I love you guys and if you check up on this frequently, THANK YOU!

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