Friday, November 25, 2016

Pregnancy, Teaching & Fitness

'Twas the day after Thanksgiving and all throughout the house, tummies were still full and I had a hungover spouse :). Just kidding.

I've found myself missing the fitness life more than ever. Most of you may not know that I had a career change about a year ago. I decided it was time to do something "more fulfilling," but, what I didn't realize was how fulfilling fitness actually was to my life. I was teaching 10-15 classes a week, from Les Mills BODYPUMP™ to cycle to abs classes to personal training 10 or so clients a week and working with my online clients. Seeing my clients reach their goals did not get more fulfilling than that. Seeing these clients change their lifestyle to become healthier and happier - now, that was the entire reason I went into the fitness career field.

 Teaching elementary school is hard. Nobody told me I would go home at night and obsesses over my kids, what their home lives were like, if they were happy, if they had anything to eat that day/night. Nobody told me I would have countless hours of extra meetings every week, take home work, RTI work, IEP/504 meetings, nobody told me that I would not get to spend as much time with my students as I assumed I would get to! Then... I found out I was pregnant!

Monday, June 13th, 2016. You've heard it, I've heard it - "You're eating for two!" "Don't lift weights while you're pregnant!" "Eat whatever you want and don't feel guilty!" Oh boy. Fortunately, I've known from my background in nutrition that this "advice" is so very incorrect. Below, I've listed the links to peer reviewed articles stating that 1. You aren't eating for two. 2. You can lift weights while you're pregnant if you safely lifted weights without complications before you became pregnant. 3. "Eat whatever you want and don't feel guilty" - (Why you should feel a little guilty). Don't get me wrong, if you're having serious food aversions and can only stomach certain things, by all means, do what you've got to do; but if you're an otherwise healthy woman that knows better, opt for an apple versus a king size Snickers!

This (click here) article from British Journal of Nutrition states that a "maternal junk food diet in pregnancy and lactation promotes an exacerbated taste for junk food and a great propensity for obesity in rat offspring." Meaning, these babies of mothers who ate primarily junk food, actually developed a preference for food that was unhealthy, not nutrient dense or protein packed.

Secondly, this abstract (click here) suggests that pregnant women who worked out lightly or moderately had increase feelings of physical and mental energy. Additionally, this one (click here) states that mommies-to-be should continue their moderate-intensity workouts during their pregnancy to continue receiving the same benefits that they did before their pregnancies. Lastly, this one (click here) tells us that working out shows us a decreased incidence of preeclampsia, decreased incidence of GDM, reduced lower back pain, increased well-being, easier labor... The list goes on, read for yourself!

Now, I'm not telling you that I don't like to eat a few cheat meals once in a while, that's definitely not the case. I love 100 grand bars, I love cookies, I love donuts (it was hard being pregnant during Halloween!). I'm also not telling you that you should drop whatever you're doing and start working out - whatever questions or concerns you may have, make sure you talk to your doctor before you start a new workout or nutrition plan.

Now that my ramble is complete, my plan for after our baby girl is born is to pick up where I left of (as much as I can, anyway). I plan to go back to tracking everything I eat in terms of macros, create a 12 week postpartum work out plan equipped with recipes, routines, stretches, supplement guide, e-book and videos.

For now, I'll continue to post videos/photos on my fitness Instagram (@annethomasfit) and update this blog with full workouts I am doing for the remainder of my pregnancy.

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