Sunday, September 17, 2017

You're Making Me Blush

I see a lot of posts highlighting the fact that all moms are covered in poop 24/7, spit up, that we essentially just let ourselves go, etc. Au contraire. We still like to drop it like it's hot, get dressed up, cook a bomb ass dinner, workout and shave our legs every now and then.

On the days that that doesn't happen and the child(ren) is/are actin' a fool, pulling cords, crying when you walk out of sight and overall just being a wreck - I've found it's just easiest to slap on THESE products (my faves) so that you aren't alarmed every time you walk by a mirror. By the way, regardless of whether or not you put ANYTHING on your face, you are a rockin' and gorgeous goddess. Take no shit.

But just in case you feelin' yourself and want to be a little extra fancy-fabulous, try these out.

*None of these products are purchased through a distributor or through some crazy online forum, they can all be purchased at Ulta (or MAC).

1. Neutrogena Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads - For whatever reason (I guess it's because I didn't fully wash my face off the night before because I was exhausted) my eyes have black underneath them in the mornings. Wipe that shit off with these.

2. Dermalogica Super Rich Repair Age Smart - LOVE LOVE LOVE this, (supposedly) stimulates collagen production and is a wonderful moisturizer. Super small pump, this mess is expensive but you totally get what you pay for.

3. Your Skin But Better CC+ with SPF - Okay, this is legit the end all be all and I love using it in place of regular MAC liquid foundation. This comes in sparkly or matte, I've used both, both are lovely.

4. Warm Soul Mineralize Blush by MAC - This is it. 1-2 sweeps on the cheeks and boom. You look bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

5. They're Real by Benefit - This is by far the best mascara I've ever used. If you don't have time/funds for sexy lash extensions then do yourself a favor and try this!

What are YOUR favorite products?


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Stroller Workout

This morning started with a gigantic mug of fall blend coffee and a cardamom and ginger candle burning bright. Even though it's still a crispy 81 degrees in Las Vegas that isn't stopping me from waking up every morning and hoping it's in the 60s before I actually step outside.

I get it DAILY. Messages on Snapchat or comments on Instagram saying "we should workout together!" or "hey can you build me a workout?" "Please move to (random city) and train me!" The truth is, I would love to workout with everyone and go to any city and lead bootcamps like back in the day, but I can't 🤷🏼‍♀️. I teach cycle three days a week and work my ass off to lift heavy at home the other 3 days (I usually aim for 1 rest day a week). Is it easy trying to accomplish all of this with an infant? Hell no! Some days she watches me, other days I workout while she naps.

Today will be a different workout once my little lady wakes up, do it with me! I know you have a stroller, I know you have legs, let's use them today. Here's a stroller workout for you that you'll thank me for tomorrow.

Make sure you check with your doctor before you start working out if you haven't been cleared yet.

Saturday, September 09, 2017


Raise your hand if you like to write things on your to-do list after they're already finished just to feel more accomplished? 🙋🏼 I love fancy to-do lists, filled with pretty colors and lots of places to add random notes and doodles, I especially love doing this while drinking coffee in the living room in the morning while Isla is hanging with me.

I've found that my days are more successful when I write down what I want to accomplish and what I need to accomplish, couple that with a positive affirmation and I'm set. Here's a pretty printable I created to help you get your day going. Try it for a week and tell me you aren't getting more done throughout the day!

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