Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Stroller Workout

This morning started with a gigantic mug of fall blend coffee and a cardamom and ginger candle burning bright. Even though it's still a crispy 81 degrees in Las Vegas that isn't stopping me from waking up every morning and hoping it's in the 60s before I actually step outside.

I get it DAILY. Messages on Snapchat or comments on Instagram saying "we should workout together!" or "hey can you build me a workout?" "Please move to (random city) and train me!" The truth is, I would love to workout with everyone and go to any city and lead bootcamps like back in the day, but I can't 🤷🏼‍♀️. I teach cycle three days a week and work my ass off to lift heavy at home the other 3 days (I usually aim for 1 rest day a week). Is it easy trying to accomplish all of this with an infant? Hell no! Some days she watches me, other days I workout while she naps.

Today will be a different workout once my little lady wakes up, do it with me! I know you have a stroller, I know you have legs, let's use them today. Here's a stroller workout for you that you'll thank me for tomorrow.

Make sure you check with your doctor before you start working out if you haven't been cleared yet.

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