Monday, October 02, 2017

One October Twenty Seventeen

As I sit here contemplating the fragility of life and how to keep my sweet baby girl safe forever, I find myself at a loss for words. I'm sorry. I'm sorry America puts guns before the lives of innocent people trying to enjoy a concert.

This isn't about people who weren't affected. This isn't about the people who "were in Las Vegas last week," or last month, or last year, or who "were going to go to the concert but decided not to." This is about the five minutes of nonstop, merciless bullets falling onto the crowd. This is about the people that lost their lives, their eyes, their loved ones, their limbs.

This isn't about you because you visited Las Vegas ONE TIME and suddenly it "hits closer to home." You aren't scrambling to look for your friend or your loved one, you aren't calling up hospitals checking to see if someone you love or care for is hanging by a thread. You aren't running on one hour of sleep as a first responder.

Your prayers and thoughts aren't distributing snacks and juices to blood alliances to replenish the caloric deficits of those who were able to help. Your prayers aren't transporting victims to the airport to get them home. Your prayers aren't healing the wounded, your prayers aren't bringing back innocently gunned down victims, your prayers aren't stopping the next mass shooting. Your thoughts will do NOTHING, unless you put them into action.

But yet, it isn't time to talk about gun control. Why not? Because we need to grieve first? Isn't America tired of having to grieve?

My best friend put it so eloquently. The world right now is one big dinner party where all of the members are at each other's throats. The host of the dinner party is trying to smile through the madness, trying to come to grips with his or her guests destroying what love is left; soon, only to snap. The metaphor is profound, what will the host do? Our world right now is filled with clamor and disruption. What can you do? Spread love. Volunteer. Donate. Educate. Listen, please listen. Don't just wait to respond. LISTEN.


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