Sunday, October 29, 2017

three favorite things

It's easy to get wrapped up in the day to day nonsense; how cluttered the house gets, what laundry needs to be done, what food I need to prepare for my daughter for the week, etc. But aside from that, the weekends are just so beautiful!

This Sunday, I want to highlight my three favorite things of the weekend and a few new favorites.

Last night when we were taking our gal for a stroll right before she went to bed, we were able to see the sunset and how it turns the mountains purple. When we first moved to Las Vegas, our realtor told us that when the sun sets behind the mountains and it gets at just the right spot, you can see the silhouettes of dead presidents. She was totally right.

Sunday means spending the whole day preparing for the week. It means doing chores together, fresh sheets and towels for the bedrooms and bathrooms, clean clothes for the week, dusted and polished floors and my most favorite, cooking and meal prep.

Lately I've been loving this Fan Fare cookbook by Kate McMillan, so many simple and delicious recipes for Sunday.

Another favorite go-to is this vegan chili recipe by Cookie and Kate. This one is particularly awesome because it is versatile enough that you can add a meat if you'd like. I suggest a cinnamon pulled pork butt, with crispy edges, mmmm.

Lastly, you need this candle if you want your house to smell like autumn. Despite the one review saying how it isn't strongly scented enough, I assure you it is! My whole house smells like a cool crisp morning.

Okay, we are off to start our Sunday!

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